PLEASE NOTE: In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic all in-person gatherings & meetings are canceled until further notice

a letter from Pastor McKnight

Dear Church Family,


God bless you brother. God bless you sister. What an unusual season this is!


Fears and worries are high and information regarding the COVID-19 virus has been inconsistent. One thing is for sure however, it is necessary for each of us to be prayerful and to be prudent. Each of us must resolve to be wise regarding our health and the health of others. Now is not the time to think solely of our individual desires. We must esteem others and heed the wisdom of God found in Philippians 2:3-5. 

I am confident that our awesome God will provide us with wisdom as we learn how to be a healthy and blessed community of faith during this unprecedented period of time. I plan to use technology to connect us. I know that I can use the phone lines and the internet to send you resources that I pray will inspire, instruct and comfort you.  


In the meantime, please remain prayerful and safe. Challenge your fear knowing that God has and will continue to give you good judgment. Focus on His power and His love.  Remain thankful and hopeful. 



Blessings and joy, 

Rev. James K. McKnight

AdCouncil + Pastor McKnight 

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join us live! 

We recognize the need to observe the current regulations on gatherings in LA County but we also want to offer you a chance for fellowship and learning. While in-person services have been suspended, we welcome you to join Pastor McKnight and our ministry team online as we worship and gather together. Follow our Facebook page and get connected with us today! 


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